High Tech Dentisry

Getting a crown after a dental implant or root canal used to take a handful of trips back and forth to the dentist. You’d start by gagging on a goopy impression and then you’d have to wear a temporary crown. Hopefully, once your final crown was ready it would fit as expected.


There’s a better (high-tech) way to get a crown made!

At Austin Dental, we’ve invested in CEREC technology that allows us to craft picture-perfect dental crowns right here in our office. No temporary and no impressions needed!

Using a 3D scanning system, we can quickly and easily create a digital model of your tooth. This model creates a computerized “blueprint” that our CEREC machine uses to mill your crown from a solid block of tooth-colored, porcelain-like material. The process is fast, easy, and the results are amazing.

CEREC same-day crowns:

  • Require no impression, temporary crown, or a trip back to the dentist
  • Always look and function like a natural tooth
  • Are durable and can last for decades with proper care

Digital imaging technology

X-rays are an amazing technology. However, they’re not without their drawbacks. Film radiographs (the kind you see the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy holding up to the light) tend to be a little finicky and blurry. It takes time and skill to achieve a clear image. 

This can lead to multiple reshoots and extra time at the dentist. Plus, film radiographs don’t always provide a high level of detail. This can leave your dentist in the dark when planning an implant or other procedure.

At Austin Dental, we’ll show you the future of dental technology: digital imaging.

With digital imaging technology:

  • Images are much higher resolution and quality. Our dentists can plan procedures more accurately and achieve better results.
  • There’s only a fraction of the radiation used compared to traditional dental x-rays.
  • We get great images on the first try — fewer retakes mean less time sitting and waiting.
  • You can see the images and review them with your dentist. You’ll feel more empowered about your dental health!

Galileos 3D scan

Our 2D dental images are awesome. But sometimes a 3D image can provide our dentists with even more information. Think of it as the difference between a map and a globe. When you need to see the big picture, a globe is the best tool for the job!

Using the Galileos 3D scanning system, our dentists:

  • Are able to identify and diagnose infections and anatomical irregularities
  • Plan implant procedures with incredible precision, as they can see the shape and health of your jaw bone in incredible detail

With 3D imaging, the system takes thousands of high-definition photos in just a few seconds.  the software then stitches these images together to create a 3D representation of your mouth or tooth. This image can then be used to fabricate a custom-fit crown or bridge in just one appointment. It can also be used to link with a 3D printer to make  hard plastic night guards to protect your teeth from night-time grinding or clenching.

Intraoral cameras

At Austin Dental, part of our philosophy is that you’ll enjoy your visit to the dentist when you actually work with your dentist. One of the ways we do that is through the use of intraoral cameras. These small and high-tech digital cameras might look like something out of a Mission Impossible film, but we assure you — they’re very real and very amazing!

Intraoral cameras allow you to:

  • See exactly what your dentist sees in real-time
  • Feel more empowered and in control of your health
  • Work closely with your dentist to plan your treatment

Plus, your dentist can save these images to the cloud, allowing us to see changes in your health over time.

In addition to intraoral cameras, you might notice our team wearing unusual dental glasses with magnifying features and LED headlamps. It might look a little funny, but this technology allows your dentist and dental hygienist to see magnified areas more clearly, without the need for a bright light shining in your eyes. We might even place high-tech microscopes over your mouth, depending on the procedure!

Laser dentistry

Laser dentistry potentially offers a more comfortable treatment option for a number of dental procedures that used to require drills or other manual tools. Laser dentistry can be used to:

  • Treat tooth sensitivity
  • Remove tooth decay
  • Clean root canals and fight gum disease
  • Whiten teeth

Online scheduling

Not all of the technology we’ve invested in at Austin Dental is found in our treatment areas. You’ll even find some of it right here on our website in the form of online appointment scheduling.

Instead of calling our office, you can schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you, right from your phone or computer. You can schedule your appointment between meetings at work or before you tuck into bed at night.

We know COVID-19 is on your mind right now. It’s on everyone’s mind and there are so many conflicting viewpoints and misunderstandings about what’s safe and what’s not.