Teen Dental Health Problems and Issues

Teens have a lot to deal with as it is. They are at that awkward stage of life where they are dealing with a lot of changes – whether it’s biological, social, or otherwise. It’s tough and can be quite challenging for any teen.

Among the possible issues that they’re dealing with has to do with their dental health. It’s something that’s often overlooked when talking about the things that teens need to deal with.

Those issues might require the special attention of dentists. Teens need to make regular visits to dental clinics just like anyone else. But having these issues will mean more frequent visits as well as specific care and treatments. So it definitely makes plenty of sense to look at some of the most common teen dental health problems and issues.

Common Dental Health Issues in Teens

There is no doubt that teens or adolescents face their own share of dental health issues. In that sense, they are no different from small children or from older adults that need to make regular visits to dental health care professionals.

One of the most common dental problems for teens is cavities or tooth decay. This is no different from the cavities that plague small children and could either be from similar causes or a continuation of tooth decay issues they had when they were smaller.

Another common problem from northlake tx dentist article is irregular teeth growth. This is yet another problem that teens share with children as they both need to confront this particular issue. And because of this problem, it is not uncommon to see a lot of teens walking around wearing braces. It might not be comfortable for some of them to wear them but they don’t have any choice since the irregular growth needs to be corrected.

The removal of the wisdom tooth or the extraction of the third molar is yet another common problem for teens. It’s something that a lot of them have to deal with since the age when wisdom teeth usually come through is between the late teens and early twenties. It can vary but that is the usual range of the age.

Periodontal disease is also a dental problem faced by teens. What does the word periodontal mean? It actually means around the tooth. A more common term used to describe it is gum disease. The term refers to serious infections that are caused by bacteria. This disease harms the gums as well as the tissues that are within the vicinity of the mouth.

When compared to other dental issues such as cavities, periodontal disease is considered to be much worse. It affects the gums, the bones surrounding the tooth, and the coverings of the teeth root and tooth membrane. No one who has this disease should ever take it lightly. Doing so is a big mistake since the disease can spread and affect the bones under the teeth.

If left untreated, the disease will cause the bones under the teeth to dissolve. The result is that there will no longer be any bones to support the teeth and help keep them in their place. Periodontal disease also has a chronic form that causes tooth loss in a lot of people. This makes the disease one of the top teen dental health problems and issues along with those mentioned earlier.